Vertical Crossbows

A Crossbow Like No Other !
Introducing the Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow

The Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow is like now other crossbow. Its vertical orientation makes it very balanced and easy to hold for accurate, freehanded shooting experience. Easy and comfortable shooting for the tallest to the shortest shooters making it a “one size fits all”. Though there is an EZ Rope Cocking Device and Crank Options available for drawing, children and women are finding the adjustable poundage is great for customizing the draw weight for hand drawing and shooting different weights. This compact bow (29” long and 17 a-a) is light weight (6 lbs) and is a joy to shoot and pleasure to walk through the woods with. It does have impressive speeds, 325-330’s with a 23 inch, 380 grain Arrow. Disarming the bow is very simple without the need of shooting an arrow or using a special crank. Because the bow is shot “Vertically” the bow can be propped and shot while leaning against a tree, something not possible with other crossbows. There is no press needed for changing strings, cables or other maintenance, and the Vertical Crossbow shoots standard arrows.

Old Crossbow user

After a thousand plus years, the perfect crossbow has finally been born.

The Vertical Crossbow by Hickory Creek Inc. is now ready to take its place in history and in the archery industry!
No more bulky heavy crossbows that needs to be propped to be shot accurately. The Vertical Orientation makes the bow easy to handle and possible to shoot freehanded with great ease. Shoot right next to a tree or other objects, like shooting house or a ground blind without fear of hitting your limb or cam.

The Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow has a new look while maintaining the same high performance.

The “Corrugated” shaped Tigger Tube Assemble makes it lighter and stronger giving it a sleek look as well as feels great in your hand when holding.
Camo limbs with it’s black Trigger Tube Assembly, cams and riser, gives it a really nice look!

Quad Limb setup to eliminate excessive limb twist.

Rear Trigger Housing with Sear Pin, Linkage block, Linkage Stop and Linkage Rod. Also, Cheek Plate, Shoulder Stock, Anti Dry-Fire and Gold String Latch

Front Trigger Housing with Grip Gold Trigger, Safety Tab and Thumb Position Grove
Front Linkage Block, Trigger Guard, Trigger Pull Spring

Scope Rail Adjustments for Left and Right Arrow POI

3 Bristled Arrow Rest
Arrow rest is centered flush with the borders.

The Original Whisker Biscuit can be used.

No more hard to draw or slow to crank crossbow.

Cranks and rope cocking devices are available, if needed.

String loops and arrow rest are used for precise, consistent drawing and noc placement. This also eliminates the need for an arrow rail.

This improves with accuracy, reducing noise and string ware.

No more shooting into the ground or target or having to un-crank your string to let it down or disarm after a morning or afternoon of hunting. Simply lift the loop off the gold latch and let down.

No more dreading to take a long walks to your stand or a full day of stalking due to getting the crossbow tangled in the brush or being too heavy and bulky to carry. Easy to carry through the woods.

Comfortable to hold.

Being able to sit at the base of a tree and use the bow as part of your cover while calling is a huge benefit. PERFECT for Turkey or Elk Hunting

Fishing reels can also be attached


Pods can be used under the front of trigger grip for steady, rock solid shooting.


Also, one handed shooting.This is great for people with the use of only one arm.


No more having to select special or certain bolts. Standard compound bow arrow are used for the Vertical Crossbows,It is advised to use arrows with the proper stiffness.

A Crossbow like no other

As you can see, the Vertical Crossbows can be used in many different ways and for any outdoor or hunting activities.


Please Watch “Knowing the Basic of the In-Line Crossbow”

Before Shooting The bow To Prevent Any Issues